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Content effectiveness is the key to the success of your websites, blogs, emailing and social networks.
Your target is first a visitor: mobile, volatile, sometimes futile. They may become a prospect and customer, or even a supporter; or maybe not. This is largely due to the effectiveness of your content. And behind effective content, there is first a strategy.



Content strategy covers everything that needs to be put in place to provide long-lasting, effective content. It involves true reflection and precise methodology. You may need training in web copywriting, or might need to outsource the production of your content.

  • Site audit: overview
  • Implementation and animation of drafting committees
  • User and focus group interviews
  • Writing your editorial charter


Writing for the web requires a high level of technical and creative expertise. It must meet four requirements: readers' expectations, SEO, how it will display on screens and your brand strategy. Actency can write your content: web pages, blog posts, posts on social media, white papers, case studies, storytelling, news...


For content strategy, web writing, advice and editorial coaching we can help remotely, or at your location. It can be regularly scheduled, or on an as-needed basis.




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