Marketing Automation

Boost your marketing

Marketing automation performs repetitive and regular tasks for you. It saves you time, makes your job easier and enriches the customer experience.



The tools used for scenario creation, lead nurturing, scoring and process automation are now expanding in France and have become major drivers for companies. They allow you to maximize your marketing budget and increase conversion rates.


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Eloqua - A Leader in B2B Marketing Automation. Eloqua Ensures:

  • Coherence of campaigns: solutions, targets, countries. 
  • Dynamic management of BDDs, control of your marketing 
  • Efficiency and interface of your CRM (SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Real-time control, cost control and Return On Investment (ROI)



Marketo - Promote Engagement with the Market's # 1 Marketing Automation Platform: 

  •     Permanent innovations that transform and improve your marketing practice
  •     Perfect integration with your CRM and your marketing strategy to boost ROI
  •     The ability to communicate and work directly with your salesforce and CRM



SalesForce Marketing Cloud - Market Leader in Creating Intelligent Customer Pathways:

  •     The ability to create marketing experiences that reflect your customers
  •     Commercial efficiency and optimized management of your CRM
  •     Personalized digital marketing




Personalized support and all-encompassing skills:

We support you on your campaigns’ global strategy, advise asset creation, and offer support to your teams.

  •     Actency is an approved training center for Eloqua and SalesForce
  •     Our team of experts work in international environments

Our presence in Europe and the USA makes it possible to offer responsiveness and adaptability to your needs.

On demand 

À la carte on one or more campaigns

Service Center

Accompaniment over time, with a dedicated bandwidth that allows optimal responsiveness.
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