Your Project Partners


Developers, themers, web designers, webmasters, editors - each has a different personality, their own notion of time, constraints and work habits. Despite these differences, you have to create team synergy


Why outsource?


In a web project, project management is a critical stage. Budget requirements, deadlines, expectations and objectives on all sides must be understood in order to move forward.

An outsider is free from internal interference: relations with colleagues, how they look in the eyes of management or the pursuit of their career within your organization.


Do you have an in-house project manager who can take the role of product owner? If so, that's perfect. But if you don’t, what are you going to do? Don’t gamble on someone without experience, rest assured with our experienced professionals.

Call on our experts! They work with your team and make the necessary decisions for the success of your project. 

What tasks are handled by Actency’s project managers?

  •     Coordination and leading of the internal and external project management teams
  •     Manage the planning, budget and progress of the project
  •     Expertise and technical validation of proposed solutions and architecture
  •     Set up monitoring indicators (quality, deadlines, cost, risk)
  •     Organize the applications, the pilot phase and the deployment
  •     Put in place a methodological framework
  •     Driving and accompanying change with users
  •     Advising and accompanying your IT and business teams


Do you have questions about project management, how to constantly improve your strategy, or the training and coaching of your teams? Let's talk!


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